This whole road trip was dominated by breathtaking moments. We had put together an itinerary with a mix of big cities and country side gems. On the second day of our trip we really went out of the way to get to where we wanted to spend the night, Berggasthaus Aescher. It’s a hotel in the middle of the Swiss alps. To get to it you have to park your car and get in a cable car that takes you up the mountain.

1. Swiss
3. Swiss
2. Swiss

After coming up with the cable car you had to go on a 15-20 min walk down to get to the hotel. Alongside the path was a church built into the mountain. Apparently they still hold regular services there.

4. Swiss
5. Swiss

After turning this corner…
6. Swiss

…you got this view:
7. Swiss
8. Swiss

The rest of the day was spent roaming around the area, hanging out in the beautiful restaurant area, talking to interesting travellers and just taking in the fact that we were actually there!



We arrived home from the Faroe Islands on a Saturday, only to repack and leave for Italy on the following Sunday. We flew in to Milan, picked up our rental car and directly headed north. About two hours north of Milan, close to the Swiss border, was the quaint town of Chiavenna. We spent the night in an amazing tower that we had found on Airbnb. The owners were also wine producers, so the tower was surrounded by grapes.

1. Chiavenna

If living in a tower on the Italian countryside surrounded by grapes wasn’t enough, we also had this dreamy view.

2. Chiavenna

Since we had read reviews from previous guests saying they had gone swimming under them we had to do the same.
3. Chiavenna

When the late afternoon was approaching we decided to head in to town and explore Chiavenna some more.
7. Chiavenna
4. Chiavenna
6. Chiavenna
5. Chiavenna


The only way to access the island of Mykines is by ferry from Sørvágur, Vágar. Most people go for a day trip but we decided to spend the night on Mykines. This meant that after the ferry had left to take the tourists back, we felt like we were on our own private island.

At the hostel we stayed at, we spoke with a girl who worked there for three months over the summer. According to her we had arrived on the first sunny day she had seen during her 2 months there. Needless to say, we couldn’t have been any luckier!

1. Mykines
2. Mykines
3. Mykines
4. Mykines
5. Mykines
6. Mykines
7. Mykines
8. Mykines

This post will conclude our amazing time in the Faroe Islands, and next up will be our road trip through Europe!


Gasadalur is a small town on the island of Vagar, famous for it’s beautiful waterfall. Looking at these pictures you can really get an idea of how the weather conditions change so dramatically.
1. Faroe
2. Faroe
4. Faroe
5. Faroe
6. Faroe

After our visit to Gasadalur we headed to Lake Sørvágsvatn, the largest lake on the Faroe Islands. You park your car by the road and hike along the lake out until it meets the open sea.
8. Faroe
9. Faroe
7. Faroe


In Torshavn we visited the Nordic House, which is a culture house for Nordic art. On display was one of the best exhibits I have ever seen. It focused on fashion in the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. The best part was a movie where designers got to tell their stories, mostly about how the quietness and loneliness in these isolated countries inspires creativity.
1. Faroe
2. Faroe
3. Faroe
4. Faroe

After we felt like we had seen all of Torshavn we got back on the roads. Only in the Faroes can you pull over by the side of the road and cuddle up with some horses…
8. Faroe
5. Faroe
6. Faroe
7. Faroe

Our destination for the day was Saksun. The town is so picturesque with its grass roofed houses. It’s located in between two mountain walls that are separated by a lake. At low tide you can even walk out on the lake to reach the open sea.
9. Faroe
10. Faroe
11. Faroe