Our last few days in Mexico were spent enjoying the peacefulness of Tulum. My time in Mexico really exceeded my expectations, and I was very sad to leave. For the past 2.5 months I’d constantly been on the go, traveling, exploring, volunteering, meeting friends, and studying Spanish. Tulum was the perfect end to our trip, as it is a total sanctuary and an ideal place for relaxation. 



One evening me and some friends got in the car and drove out of Mérida. After not too long we exited the highway and entered this tiny, unpaved, dirt road. Because we couldn’t go faster than 20 km/h, we continued for what seemed like forever before we reached our destination, Misnebalam. It’s an old hacienda, which during the 1900s used to have a population of over 100 people but is now abandoned. My friends insist that the hacienda started being haunted after a little boy committed suicide, and that as a result the inhabitants abruptly left. I will not speculate as to whether that is true or not. Nevertheless it was fun to explore this little village that has now fallen into disrepair.