On our way from Venice to Rome we wanted to break up the long drive and spend a night somewhere. Florence is located perfectly, almost halfway in between Venice and Rome, but since I had been there before we wanted to discover a new place. By chance, when looking at Airbnb for places, I saw a picture of Civita di Bagnoregio. I was literally astounded by the fact this dreamy place existed, and decided as soon as I saw the picture that that’s where we would spend our night.

To reach the town you have to park your car and walk over a long bridge up hill. This, because Civita is placed on a small butte. Walking in to our hotel we were struck by an article headline stating “Civita, the town that is dying”. We soon found out that the soil underneath the town is eroding and that the edges of the butte are falling. During our trip we saw so many amazing places, but I have to say that Civita, somehow, stuck out as more special than the rest.

1. Civita
2. Civita
3. Civita
4. Civita
5. Civita
6. Civita
7. Civita
8. Civita
9. Civita


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