This whole road trip was dominated by breathtaking moments. We had put together an itinerary with a mix of big cities and country side gems. On the second day of our trip we really went out of the way to get to where we wanted to spend the night, Berggasthaus Aescher. It’s a hotel in the middle of the Swiss alps. To get to it you have to park your car and get in a cable car that takes you up the mountain.

1. Swiss
3. Swiss
2. Swiss

After coming up with the cable car you had to go on a 15-20 min walk down to get to the hotel. Alongside the path was a church built into the mountain. Apparently they still hold regular services there.

4. Swiss
5. Swiss

After turning this corner…
6. Swiss

…you got this view:
7. Swiss
8. Swiss

The rest of the day was spent roaming around the area, hanging out in the beautiful restaurant area, talking to interesting travellers and just taking in the fact that we were actually there!


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