In Torshavn we visited the Nordic House, which is a culture house for Nordic art. On display was one of the best exhibits I have ever seen. It focused on fashion in the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. The best part was a movie where designers got to tell their stories, mostly about how the quietness and loneliness in these isolated countries inspires creativity.
1. Faroe
2. Faroe
3. Faroe
4. Faroe

After we felt like we had seen all of Torshavn we got back on the roads. Only in the Faroes can you pull over by the side of the road and cuddle up with some horses…
8. Faroe
5. Faroe
6. Faroe
7. Faroe

Our destination for the day was Saksun. The town is so picturesque with its grass roofed houses. It’s located in between two mountain walls that are separated by a lake. At low tide you can even walk out on the lake to reach the open sea.
9. Faroe
10. Faroe
11. Faroe


One thought on “FAROE ISLANDS: DAY 4

  1. Hi Amanda! So happy to hear that you enjoyed your days in Faroe Islands – that place is simply special. We were also there earlier this year and the tranquility and beauty just echoes in your heart. Very lovely pictures, indeed, reminds me of the good times I had there as well :3 We didn’t have time to visit Kalsoy – but thanks to you, I will remember that place for next time.

    KH Sheena

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