On our second day in the Faroe Islands we got up early to catch the ferry to Kalsoy. We wanted to go to the northern part of the island to hike up to the Kallur lighthouse.

1. Faroe
2. Faroe
3. Faroe

On our way we had a quick stop in the town Mikladalur.
4. Faroe
6. Faroe
5. Faore

Trollanes is the northernmost town on the island and this is where we parked and headed out on the hike. Luckily enough the weather changed just in time for us to have the perfect experience. I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing this hike in bad weather as the trail isn’t marked at all. We had to ask a local where to go and he just pointed “go straight up there”.
7. Faroe
8. Faroe
9. Faroe
10. Faroe
11. Faroe
12. Faroe
13. Faroe


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