The month of July was a time we had looked forward to for quite a while. We were traveling for three weeks, first through the Faroe Islands and then a road trip through Italy, Switzerland and Austria. I have quite a few posts due and first off is the Faroe Islands.

Flying into these small islands was probably the most beautiful sight ever. We landed early in the morning and were met by the greenest grass and the sun beaming down. We picked up our rental car and headed out on the roads.

1. Faroe Islands
2. Faroe Islands

We stopped in the city of Klaksvik for a quick lunch before continuing to our destination for the day.
4. Faroe Islands

Even though the distances are short and you can drive from one end of the country to the other in a few hours it takes longer when you have to pull over every few minutes to admire the landscape. How can you not?
3. Faroe Islands
5. Faroe Islands

The goal was to hike up the mountain of Villingadalsfjall which is home to Enniberg cliffs – the highest sea cliff in Europe. The hike began from the town of Viðareiði on Vidoy. Unfortunately the weather changed quickly for the worse (which we soon discovered happens very frequently on the Faroe) but we decided to start hiking up anyways. This was probably one of the most well marked trails on the Faroe, with blue sticks clearly leading you the right direction.
6. Faroe Islands
7. Faroe Islands

Even though we didn’t make it to the sea cliff, we were pretty proud to make it to the top of the mountain. We knew that behind all those clouds were the prettiest views imaginable. Maybe next time we’ll get to enjoy them…
8. Faroe Islands
9. Faroe Islands


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