1. Corniglia
2. Corniglia
3. Corniglia
4. Corniglia to Riomaggiore
5. Riomaggiore
6. Riomaggiore
7. Riomaggiore
8. Riomaggiore


4 thoughts on “ITALY: CINQUE TERRE DAY 3

  1. SV: You are welcome Amanda – we are happy to know, that we are able to inspire and provide with helpful tips 🙂 How long are you staying in Faroe Islands? We should definately stay in touch. We are thinking about going back there later this year, so maybe you can also inspire us with some new destinations and adventures!

    Ps. & cool that you went to Cinque Terre; that place is on my bucket list.

  2. SV: Cool! I think July will be the perfect time to go – I recon the weather will be better and then there are more possibilities of trekking the fells 🙂 Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I heard that Cinque Terre can be overly crowded during high season, so I need to figure out, when is the best time to go. Hopefully it will be possible within the next two years.

    Pps. Are you gonna write some more detailed posts about your trip to CT – or you just gonna stick with pictures for now? I am excited to hear more about this area 😀

  3. Oh, I totally love your photos! Italy is amazing, isn’t it? I used to live in Rome, and I miss the beauty, the scenery and the italian way of live every single day… Cinque Terre looks amazing. Is now a good time to go? I reckon the high season will provide unbearably many tourists… 🙂

  4. SV: Great, I will book at trip there for next Easter (wishful thinking!). I will get back to you, when time comes – maybe by then you have already wrapped up a few more detailed posts. Good thing, we all can inspire eachother 🙂

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